When Should I make my Wedding Dress Appointment?


July 29, 2020

This is a question we get all the time at JBG. It is so important to schedule your wedding dress appointment with enough time before your wedding. 

Schedule your Appointment a Year in advance

This may seem like a long time, but in reality it’s not. Wedding dresses can take 9 to 12 months to come in. You then have to have enough time for your alterations appointment. Getting your wedding dress a year in advance will also take a lot of stress off of you. You won’t have to worry about not having your dress on time.

Preparing for the unknowns

The future is very unknown right now. That being said, it is even more important to get things done earlier rather than later. If there is another shut down, our vendors could be forced to shut down again, and dresses will be delayed. Dresses can take as long as a year to get here with another shut down. Being prepared for that is so important for your big day. 

Other options

There are other options in case you don’t have enough time to reorder your wedding dress. We have wide selection of dresses that you can buy off the rack. You buy the exact dress that we have on the rack. There are still so many pretty options for your big day.




At Julie’s, we will do everything in our power to help you find your dream dress. We offer a lot of different options and styles to choose from. We also have many different possibilities for you, whenever your wedding date may be. But to answer your question, we suggest booking your wedding dress appointment a year in advance. For wedding dress inspiration check out our Pinterest Page- Julie’s Bridal Gallery

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