What to do After the Big Day


July 14, 2020

Your Big Day is over, but you still have a few things on your to-do list.

Have your wedding dress cleaned and preserved

Take your dress to the cleaners, and get it preserved. There are preservation kits and companies who will preserve it for you. It’s good to do this so you can keep your wedding dress in good shape for years to come. Who knows- maybe your future daughter will wear it on her wedding day.

Preserve your flowers

Preserving your flowers is a great way to always have a reminder of your special day. There are many different ways to preserve flowers. You can look online and try to do it yourself. There are also companies that will do it for you.

Different ways to show off your preserved flowers

            -In a glass case or letters

-In picture frames

-In a shadow box

-In a vase

Give vendors a review

This is so important for both the vendor and future brides. Your review could help out a vendor that was awesome to you. An honest review can also help out future brides. When couples look into different vendors they rely heavily on reviews and past experiences.

Return or exchange any wedding gifts that you don’t want

It’s always good to do this sooner rather than later. Some stores only give you a certain amount of days to return, so you should do so after you sort out all of your gifts. This is also a great opportunity to exchange or purchase any gifts you didn’t receive. It’s super easy to exchange one gift with another.

Send out thank you notes

The dreaded thank you notes. Try splitting half with your partner and set a goal to try to do five or ten a day, and stick to it. Your thank you notes will be done in no time! Another idea is to order cards with a picture of you and your partner to say thank you. Some couples have a picture taken on their big day of them holding up a thank you banner, others customize their card to say it. This way may be more expensive-but it is a lot less time and hassle. Whatever you decide, your guests will always appreciate the note of thanks.

We can’t forget the best part- go on your HONEYMOON!

There is no timeline when you need to take your honeymoon. Some couples leave right after the wedding, others wait a while. Couples who marry earlier in the year sometimes wait for winter to take their tropical vacation. Regardless of when your honeymoon is- enjoy it!

Lastly- enjoy being newlyweds

Life can get crazy, and it can sometimes seem like you have no time after the wedding. You may feel like you need to get back to normal with your job and other responsibilities after the wedding. Don’t forget to make time for each other. You’ll only be newlyweds once, so embrace it!





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