Love Isn’t Cancelled


June 30, 2020

Covid-19 has cancelled a lot of things in our life; don’t let it cancel your wedding. Even if you have a limit on your guests, you can still get married. Here are some fun ideas to keep COVID-19 from ruining your wedding.

Have your wedding now

Love is not cancelled! Still have your wedding as planned and invite your closest loved ones. Don’t forget that this day is about the love between you and your partner, so don’t let anything take away from that. 

Plan a one year anniversary celebration

Even if you can’t have your reception this year, that doesn’t mean that it should be cancelled all together. Have your reception the year following your wedding. Invite all of your friends and family and throw the party of your dreams. Bonus- you can wear your wedding dress twice!

Virtual Wedding

Even though many venues have a guest limit, you can still have your wedding as planned. Have your wedding virtually streamed for all of your friends and family to watch. 

Plan the day of your dreams

If you have exhausted all of your options, and you just can’t get married this year, don’t worry. If you have to reschedule your wedding look at the bright side; you have another full year to plan the wedding of your dreams. Plan out all the little details that you might not have had time to before. Just remember that no matter what, you will get married whether it’s this year or next. You have your partner, and that’s all you need. 

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