Honoring Loved Ones At Your Wedding


June 8, 2020

Missing somebody on your wedding day is never easy. Honoring them on your big day may be a way for you to feel their presence with you. No matter who it may be, finding a way to honor your loved one that left you to soon is a beautiful way to have them included at your wedding. Here are a few of our favorite ways to honor your loved ones. 

Reserve a seat with a bouquet of flowers

   Reserve your loved one a seat, and place flowers where they would be sitting. It’s a beautiful way to signify their place at your wedding.

Put photos in your bouquet

   Having a locket or picture of your loved one within your bouquet of flowers is a way to have them close to you on your big day. 

Memory table

   Display some of your favorite pictures of your loved one. This is a way to feel their presence through pictures. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. 

Light a candle

   Light a candle either at your ceremony or reception in honor of your loved one and their spirit.

Moment of reflection

   Another beautiful way to take a minute to recognize your loved one. 

Play your loved one’s song

   The song that comes to your head when you think about your loved one can be played at your wedding or reception. Music can touch so many, and it is a beautiful way to honor your loved ones. 




It’s never easy to be without a loved one. Honoring them on one of the best days of your life can be a way to have them there with you. 

For more ideas, check out our Pinterest page- Julie’s Bridal Gallery.

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