Choosing Accessories For Your Big Day


June 2, 2020

How do you choose your veil, jewelry, and hair based on your wedding gown?

At Julies, we love everything about the finishing touches. Your accessories can complete your look, and take it to the next level. Brides often feel a lot of pressure to make the right decision. We want to give you a few tips to help you out.


For many brides, they feel that their veil is a part of their dress. There are so many different options of veils to choose from, and it might become overwhelming trying to pick. Start with picking a length. There are many different lengths to choose from, and it all depends on your preference and dress. Your veil is another way to add something to your look whether it be sparkle, pearls, or lace. Trying on different veils with your dress and visualizing your hair and jewelry is a great way to decide. A veil can really make a dress your own and customize your look. Choose the veil that you feel most beautiful in and the one that completes your look. 


Whatever you choose for your hair, you should feel confident in it. Whether your hair is down or up, you should feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful with it. Look for inspiration! There are so many pretty options all over the internet. We also have a hair inspo board on our Pinterest that includes a lot of beautiful ideas. Coordinate it with your dress and overall wedding style, this way you can narrow down your options. Say your dress has a really pretty, detailed back that you want to show off, it may be a good option to have an up-do then. Consider the length of your hair into your decision. If your hair isn’t long enough for a certain style, extensions are always an option. Think about your headpiece or flowers that you want to have in your hair. Having beautiful flowers flowing with your hair might sway you to have your hair down. Having a jeweled head piece might complete your up-do look. Most importantly, be honest with your hair stylist. Communicate to them with what you want, and have hair trials before the wedding. 


At Julies, we often suggest doing a first look accessories appointment. When you say YES to your dress you may be overwhelmed and focused on your dress, which is totally fine. That’s why we suggest making an appointment when your dress comes in to find your accessories. This way you are trying on YOUR exact dress in your size. You can have a better idea of what you want when your dress fits. When choosing your jewelry, let your dress set the tone. Try to stick with the same metal base as your dress. If your dress has silver jewels stick with silver jewelry for your accessories. If your dress has a different hue to it like champagne, you can play around more with rose gold and gold. Picking jewelry is all about seeing how it looks with your dress. If you don’t want to do a necklace, but feel like you are missing something, try cathedral earrings that are longer and are more of a showstopper. You can also add a little extra glam with a headpiece.




Check out our Pinterest page to get some inspiration for your accessories. Don’t forget to book your accessory appointment on our website!

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