Tips for your Bridal Appointment


May 15, 2020

Your bridal appointment is such an important part in your wedding planning, and we take that very seriously. Here are some of our tips for your appointment.

Bring the people who mean the world to you

Bring the people to your appointment that will help you follow your heart. Your closest loved ones can help you navigate your way through all of the dresses. With current COVID-19 guidelines, we can only allow the bride and two other people at an appointment. If you have a bigger group that you want to bring with you, we suggest our VIP Lux Bridal Appointments. You get the whole store to yourself where you can sip champagne and have some goodies while finding the dress of your dreams. The VIP appointments also make it easier for you to have a bigger group, instead of a regular appointment. At the end of the day, this is YOUR appointment, so bring the people who you love and trust.

Come in with inspiration

Do a little research before you come in. Get a feel for what you like. If you’re all about lace, communicate that with your stylist. You are more than welcome to bring in photo inspiration as well. Your bridal stylist may be able to have a better picture of what you’re envisioning for your big day with a picture.

Have an Open Mind

This is an important one. It’s good to do research and know what you like, but don’t be afraid to try on a dress that you weren’t planning to wear. Who knows, you could fall in love with that style and the way it looks on you. Pictures are awesome, but nothing beats how you feel in the dress. Your stylist is going to fight for you and help you find the dress of your dreams, so trust them in the process.

Be ready to celebrate!

At Julie’s, we love to celebrate our brides and their YES moments. After saying yes to the dress the store will be filled with cheers, and of course some happy tears. This day is all about you, and we want to celebrate that. We pop the champagne and toast to you. We shower you with love and goodies, and take lots of pictures with you and your favorite people to remember the moment. We work hard to make sure that your YES moment is everything you’ve dreamed of.




Check out our Pinterest page for some dress inspiration- Julie’s Bridal Gallery

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